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  • 1/1.8″ , 2 MP
  • CCD, Color
  • Global, 30 fps
  • FirewireB

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GRAS-20S4C-C  : 1/1.8” , 2 MP CCD, Color Global, 30 fps, FirewireB

The digital camera line from Grasshopper is a total, cost-effective, and dependable imaging solution. The Grasshopper is an ideal choice for challenging imaging applications such as semiconductor inspection and high-speed assembly, thanks to a range of large format, high resolution image sensors and an IEEE-1394b 800Mb/s interface.

  • High speed 14-bit A/D converter
  • Dual IEEE-1394b ports for daisy chaining
  • Industry standard design, compact case

The Point Grey Grasshopper GRAS-20S4C-C IEEE-1394b (FireWire) digital camera line offers a large selection of high resolution, high sensitivity sensors and an ultra fast 800Mb/s digital interface. Attractive pricing makes these powerful cameras ideal for OEMs and system integrators who need compact systems that deliver 0.3M, 1.4M, 2.0M or 5.0M images at high frame rates. The Grasshopper cameras are particularly effective in demanding imaging applications such as those used in electronics manufacturing, life sciences and microscopy, surveillance and security, and ITS.

The Grasshopper2 camera series, which has been completely redesigned, is the next generation of the high-performance Grasshopper and features a GigE Vision optical interface as well as a FireWire 800 (1394b) interface.

Point Grey IEEE 1394 Camera Features:

  • Compact sizes including board level options
  • Supports IIDC v1.32
  • Industry-standard C- mount
  •  Firmware versions updatable in the field
  • On-board temperature, power sensors, and status LED
  • Automatic synchronization


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